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Is What You Don’t Know Killing Your Ministry?

You may have noticed a steady decline in the attendance and involvement of your congregation. Or you may have been trying to expand your congregation but have not been successful. You are not alone. This trend troubles religious communities nationwide.

Social and cultural changes may be factors – or it may be due to the fact that church leaders are communicating with but not really connecting to the people in their communities.

According to a recent survey of Christian adults conducted by the Barna Group, more than half of Christians in this country identify themselves as leaders (58%). And yet, more than eight in 10 (82%) of the same survey participants indicated that they believe the United States is facing a leadership crisis because there aren’t enough leaders (source BarnaGroup.org).

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There is a reason for this approach—connecting to business-minded individuals has proven to be a reliable path to creating a sustainable religious community. We help church leaders develop the skills to establish those connections.

Convergence Leadership and Relationship Center conducts community-wide leadership training sessions that utilize the teachings of internationally-respected Dr. John C. Maxwell for the purpose of helping church leaders successfully connect with and align their strategies with community business leaders.

We teach leadership principles that cut across social barriers and reach beyond the walls of the church.


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Are You Trying to Avoid Embarrassment
When it comes to leadership and strategic thinking, I think the number one reason leaders don’t seek out the counsel of a leadership specialist is to avoid embarrassment.

  • They assume they can make the right decisions on their own; yet deep inside, they are questioning and second-guessing nearly every move… and they don’t want anyone else to know it.
  • After all, who wants to follow someone who isn’t sure where they are going.

But that is exactly what successful leaders do…they question their decisions by sharing their thoughts and fears with a trusted coach who knows how to pull out the best of what is already in them.

Now is Time to Evaluate Your Current Approach and Find the Right Answers to Grow Your Ministry
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